“L’air de Panache” Perfume –
Packaging Design

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Felt Paper, Ruler, Paper Knife, Glass Bottle, Golden Rope

Brief​ ~

The work is inspired by Wes Anderson’s comedy-drama “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. It’s required to design a package for M. Gustave’s favourite perfume “L’air de Panache”, which the Hotel management decides to sell in the hotel lobby due to it’s huge popularity among visitors. The packaging desing has to follow the 1930s Art Deco style with some “leftover” details from Art Nouveau Period. The box also has to look presentable, expensive and chic – related to it’s target audience. Moreover, it has to be both for men and women.

Design Process ~

Movie Moodboard

Art Deco and Art Nouveau Examples

More Examples of Era

Primary Target Audience

Secondary Target Audience

Similar Products and Genres

Typeface Research

Typeface Selection

Colour Palette


Construction / Die Line Samples

Design Direction Moodboard

Concept Development

Body Copy Information

Concept Explanation

The book-shaped die line was chosen because there’s a book theme in the movie: the owner of the hotel writes a book in 1968 about the Grand Budapest Hotel hay days in 1930s (that time when M. Gustave was working there). The movie starts with the scene when the girl holds that book and visits the monument of the writer.

Final Design ~