Rental Agency Logo Redesign

Adobe Illustrator

Brief​ ~

Redesign an existing logo.

Design Process ~


“Christchurch Apartments” is one of the leading real-estate businesses with an established client base known all over Christchurch. The company offers a modern city-living for clients, although the out-dated design could hinder further business development and company growth. In the modern business environment it’s crucial to keep up with the new trends to achieve success. That is why I believe that your current logo is ready for an update. I would like to offer my services to modernise and modify the company logo. Here are the reasons why your logo needs an update.

Although your logo has a nice colour composition, unfortunately the overall design appears to be quite busy and unapproachable. My design will incorporate simple and modern logo that will be eye-catching, easy to remember and will fit the latest trends. The new logo will allow your company to stand out on a real estate market and represent the values to the broader client base.

Here is what I’m planning to update in your existing logo in a line with the current trends in design:

• simplify the pictorial part of the logo;

• update the font.

Existing Logos Research

Logo Development

Final Design ~

Logo Usage Guide

Minimal space around the logo.

Logo used in different colour schemes.

Logo typeface and smallest excepted logo sizes.

What is to be avoided when using the logo.

Final Design in Use