Climate awareness posters for Jade Green Initiative

During my internship at Jade Software Corporation I was approached to design a series of posters for climate change awareness.

The posters were placed around the head office in Christchurch and were sent to Jade branches in New Zealand. 

The first poster illustrates the old school Pac-Man Arcade game. The Pac-Earth is surrounded by Ghost-fires. There’s only one life left.

The second poster also illustrates an arcade game, which you can’t keep playing as there’s no credit left. To carry on you need (a/to) change.

The third poster shows how easy the climate math is. O2 is greater than CO2. Even school kids know that.

It’s also great to remember that oxygen is greater than carbon dioxide when choosing between a bike and a car every morning.

On the fourth poster you can see an old desktop with an error that you can neither decline, nor snooze.

In case of getting the global warning error all you can do is to act. Now.

In addition to the climate change awareness posters I’ve also created a set of light switch stickers to encourage colleagues to switch off the lights when leaving a room.